PFA Committees

General committee information is listed in this section. Refer to policy sections for each individual committee for additional details. To view Policy and Procedure Manual in printable version, click here.

Members interested in joining a committee can complete the online Committee Sign-Up form.


1. Membership Committee: Responsible for increasing the number of fraternity and associate members.
Leslie Odom (Sigma Alpha Iota) - Chair
Tony Chaffee (Phi Delta Chi)

2. Local Professional Fraternity Councils Committee: Responsible for disseminating useful information and support to enable local PFC's to form on campuses throughout the nation.
Local Professional Fraternity Councils Committee Members:
 Suzanne Schaffer 
(Phi Sigma Pi)
Andrew Sagan (Phi Alpha Delta)

3. Legal and Legislative Committee: The legal and legislative committee is charged with keeping abreast of
 changes in federal and state legislation and practices. This committee shall inform the
 membership of changes that provide opportunities or barriers for successful operation of our member fraternities and PFA. This committee shall also support all of the other committees with respect to legal counsel.
Legal and Legislative Committee Members:
Bill Schilling (Delta Sigma Pi)
Michael Abraham (Theta Tau)

4. Nominating Committee: Responsible for a slate of eligible and willing candidates for elected positions. This slate shall be selected prior to the first business session of the annual convention. The slate will be presented for consideration by the membership during the annual convention.

5. Public Relations Committee: Responsible for the promotion of the fraternity system, professional fraternities, and the PFA among their several publics; and to provide suggestions for accomplishing this within individual member fraternities. Responsible for a comprehensive public relations plan and coordination and implementation of the promotion of PFA in accordance with the mission statement.
Public Relations Committee Members:
Jake Koster (Delta Epsilon Mu)
Rachel Flenner (Phi Beta)

6. Convention Planning Committee: Responsible to plan, develop and implement the program of the annual convention.
Ann Devine (Pi Sigma Epsilon/PFA) - Chair
Dasha Runyan (Richmond CVB)
Kimberly Martin-Boyd (Delta Omicron)
Jenny Lynch (Dallas CVB)

7. Audit Committee: Responsible for the annual audit and review of PFA financial reports. At least one member of this committee shall be an Associate Member.
Audit Committee Members:
Steve Nelson (Tau Beta Sigma/Kappa Kappa Psi) - Chair
Bob Heyman (Rho Pi Phi)
Carol Bartlett (Greater Rochester CVB)

8. Awards Committee: The Awards Committee is charged with implementing the PFA awards program. The PFA awards program will honor member fraternities or individuals who have made significant contributions to PFA, a profession, or the fraternal world. These awards will be based on integrity and accomplishments. Awards Committee Members:
Karen Katz (Phi Delta Epsilon) - Chair
Bob Heyman (Rho Pi Phi)
Nancy Mancuso (Herff Jones)
Joan Rogala (Lambda Kappa Sigma/Alpha Sigma)
Steve Hartman (Alpha Kappa Psi)

9. Member Services Committee: Responsible for continual improvement of services
 provided to our fraternity members and associate members. This includes improving existing services as well as adding services not already provided.
Member Services Committee Members:
Andy Dulman
(Delta Kappa Alpha) - Chair
Dasha Runyan (Richmond CVB)
Chianti Cleggett (Greater Birmingham CVB)

10. Ad-Hoc Constitution Review Committee:
Bob London (APO) - Chair
Mike Abraham (Theta Tau)
Bob Heyman (Rho Pi Phi)
Christy Askew (Kappa Psi)
Jennifer Klafeta (Delta Omicron)
Latha Radhakrishnan (Kappa Psi)

To view Policy and Procedure Manual in Printable version, click here.