Membership in PFA is by fraternal organization and associated businesses. Business members are referred to as Associate Members.   It is not an individual membership organization, but rather an association of associations.  As such, it is classified as a 501c6 entity by the Internal Revenue Service. 

To be eligible for membership, a fraternity must be national/international in character and shall charter its institutional chapters only at appropriately accredited colleges, universities, or professional schools. The fraternity shall be identified by, or related to a field of study or common interest.  Member fraternities may also initiate members of other fraternities. New members must be approved by the Board of Directors after completion of an application and and submission of copy of the organization's laws. 

Associate membership is granted to people, partnerships, or corporations that furnish equipment, supplies, or services to member fraternities. Associate members enjoy all privileges of membership, with exception of voting and holding of elective office.

The same form is used for new members to use in joining PFA, and for current members to use in renewing their annual membership.

For more information about our members, please go to one of the following pages:

Prospective Membership

Fraternal Membership

Associate Membership

Information about your national organization and leadership provided by you is shared with other PFA members, and used by PFA to communicate with those whose information is provided. This is done in accord with PFA pratices or board direction.  Information is not generally shared with any other outside parties; however, do not provide information that you do not wish to be shared with our Associate members.