Charter Members of the Professional Fraternity Association

Alpha Delta Theta – Medical Technology
Alpha Kappa Psi – Business Administration
Alpha Rho Chi – Architecture
Alpha Tau Delta – Nursing
Alpha Chi Sigma – Chemistry
Alpha Omega – Dentistry
Delta Theta Phi – Law
Delta Omicron – Music
Delta Sigma Delta – Dentistry
Delta Sigma Pi – Business Administration
Delta Psi Kappa – Physical Education
Zeta Phi Eta – Communication Arts and Sciences
Kappa Beta Pi – Law
Kappa Delta Epsilon – Education
Kappa Epsilon – Pharmacy
Kappa Psi – Pharmacy
Lambda Kappa Sigma – Pharmacy

Mu Phi Epsilon – Music
Xi Psi Phi – Dentistry
Rho Pi Phi – Pharmacy
Sigma Alpha Iota – Music
Sigma Delta Kappa – Law
Sigma Phi Delta – Engineering
Phi Alpha Delta – Law
Phi Beta – Music, Speech, Drama and Dance
Phi Beta Pi-Theta Kappa Psi – Medical
Phi Gamma Nu – Business
Phi Delta Epsilon – Medical
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia – Music
Phi Rho Sigma – Medicine
Phi Chi – Medicine
Phi Chi Theta – Business and Economics
Psi Omega – Dentistry
Omega Tau Sigma – Veterinary Medicine

Charter Associate Members

L. G. Balfour Company – Jewelry and Certificates
Maury Boyd and Associates, Inc. – Magazine Printing
Paul Burke and Associates, Inc. – Group Insurance Consultant Broker and Administrator
Burr, Patterson and Auld Co. – Jewelry
Compolith Typesetting – Design and Production of Printed Materials
Data Science Corporation – Data Processing Services
Faris Mailing, Inc. – Computer Maintenance and Mailing Services
J.O. Pollack and Co. Inc. – Jewelry and Certificates